Sunday, 14 May 2017

#23 Thailand part 2: The hello kitty home

Thailand wasn't a complete shock to the system as I had travelled in Malaysia before. It has the same SE Asia vibe.

The next day I headed for the hotel where the teaching orientation was going to be held and checked in. Just as I was about to leave my room and explore the door across the hall opened at the same time and from that moment on I was never alone for the entirety of the orientation course.

First orientation buddys (FOB) name was Elwood and he was from the UK. I asked if he wanted to get food down the road as that's where I was headed and afterwards we went for a walk sweating profusely the entire time. Later we met two other girls one who I discovered was my room mate and we all had dinner together.

The next morning we got all dressed up in our uniforms and it suddenly felt like real life again or the first day of school. Holiday mode was over. Nepali time was a thing of the past and we were on a schedule!

I was seated next to a girl also from the UK named Eve who was going to be living in the same accomodation and was to be my second orientation buddy (SOB) and partner in crime for the next four months.

Luckily it was soon apparent that she had a brilliant sense of humour and that we would get on well.

So the next three days passed pleasantly with FOB and SOB. (Hehe I like these acronyms.) The days were filled with teaching info and giggles and the night's filled with more laughs, good Thai food and meeting interesting new people.

It was very much like being back at uni and I loved every second of it.

On the last day we were required to get a police check and mine had now expired so a few of us all trundled down to the police station and gave them our finger prints. The rest of the day was spent wandering the streets and exploring with a nice Canadian couple who were going to the same province as me and SOB.

That night we took the overnight bus to Ubon Ratchathani province. It was surprisingly comfortable and they gave us cakes, a drink and a blanket. We even had a weirdly dubbed in Thai movie to watch if we so desired.

I slept a fair bit and we arrived bright and early in Phibun where we were picked up by our land lady and taken to our new homes for the next four months.

I immediately fell in love with it. It is very minimilist but adorable and has everything you need. It even has a tiny tv, a fridge and Hello Kitty sheets. What more could you want? After Nepal and India, Thailand is so organised. There are actual trees and geckos in the bathroom. I'm going to name them.

SOB and I took a catch up nap and then made a couple of trips to Big C which is like The Warehouse but better. It has grocery items and everything else. We also found a place to do washing and sat by the side of the road in the shade (not that it made much difference) and I video called the friendlies Naomi and Sam whilst we waited.

That evening we met the other teachers we were living next to and our land lady invited us to her place for a farewell dinner for her son who is in the army.

We all sat at a table in the middle of her street, feasted on delicious Thai food and got to know one another. I am living next to four other teachers and Eve. One is from Canada, one is from the Philippines, one is from South Africa and one is from Australia.

After the feast was over we went to meet another teacher from the Philippines who had been living in Thailand for two years.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing lesson plans, talking to friends and family back home and making the most of the decent WiFi and airconditioning inside as well as a quick scooter ride. That's right. I ride a scooter now apparently. Life takes some funny turns.

School starts on Monday. I'm 49% excited and 51% terrified.

Plenty of room for activities here! 

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